I’m David. Or Dave. That’s up to you.
When I was 12 I went to a Letterhead & Pinstriping meet-up at a local sign shop (thanks for being a cool Dad, Dad). I watched as these ratty old dudes threw down perfect block letters, flowing scripts, and sharply chiseled type. It blew my fucking mind. The rattling Harleys, the questionably safe paint-thinned air, I couldn't get enough.
I’ve always known I had to pursue creativity. That experience at the sign shop is just one of many that have influenced and shaped the person and professional I am today— a love letter to the human connection created between visuals and experiences.
If you're looking for design, hand-lettering, logos, branding, BBQ techniques, or just need another red-bearded DeadHead in your life, hit me up.
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